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Red Dwarf. Dehydrated Tomato Jam with Brasil

A jam that will surprise you with an intense and delicate flavor, impossible to forget.

Dracul. Dehydrated Palermo Pepper Jam with Tarragon.

A jam that awakens the 5 senses, that bring back memories wrapped in aromas of the Mediterranean.

Notting Hill. Dehydrated Cucumber Jam with Mint.

A jam with a sophisticated and original flavor that borders on excellence in the world of dehydrated products.

Casablanca. Dehydrated Palermo Pepper Pate with Sesame, Seeds, Anise, and Cumin.

Our Palermo Pepper Pâté, in addition to having an intense, sweet and exquisite flavor, is extremely good for cholesterol and hypertension problems, for example, because thanks to its ingredients rich in Omega 3 and 6, or folic acid, among many others, it contributes to reduce them.

Ghost. Dried aubergine pate with sunflower seeds and chives.

A rustic but innovative pâté, with a flavor that takes you to the UMAI expertise.

City of Angels. Dehydrated vegetable sobrasada

Our vegan sobrasada with numerous micronutrients and made with essential raw materials such as dehydrated tomato or dehydrated Palermo pepper, as well as various aromatic herbs and spices.