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MOIÓ. Mermeladas Ecológicas - MOIÓ. Organics Jams

Moió Mermeladas is a family project that was born, in the municipality of Font-Rubí, in 2018 with the philosophy of making organic and proximity jams.

MOIÓ. Mermelada de naranja amarga. Bitter orange marmalade.

Spectacular jam with an intense and bright flavor, perfectly accompanies cheese, meats or fish.

MOIÓ. Mermelada de ciruela arandana - Arandana plum jam

Intense red, its acidic taste makes us comfort edint edwith both a cheesecake and a duck magret It is sold in 250g and 42g pots.

MOIÓ. Mermelada de higo - Fig Jam

Delicious jam that thanks to the natural sweetness of the fig, allows us multiple combinations, such as cheeses, salads, ham.

MOIÓ. Mermelada de tomate - Tomato jam

A golden reddish colour and intense flavor combines us very well with cheeses and anchovies and also with a toast with salt and oil.