Floralia miel


 Floralia Honey. Spain. Born in the heart of a family of beekeepers, the Alías-Sánchez family. We are Miguel and Emy, who together with our daughters Mª del Sol and Carmen, dedicate ourselves to the exciting world of beekeeping. We have the experience and know-how, learned from severalgenerations of great beekeepers, in the well-known Pueblo de la Miel, Fuenlabrada de los Montes.

Our hives are transhumant, travel through the most privileged natural environments of Spain, away from pollution and transgenic crops.

The honey we offer you, we collect it by hand and it is packaged keeping the essence that our bees have collected from nature.

We feel the need to offer our product directly to the final consumer, in order to guarantee that our honey arrives pure and natural to the customer.

Natural honey is very appreciated for its energizing effect and its antiseptic and healing qualities. It is without a doubt the best sweetener. Activates the metabolism of the liver, contributes to the elimination of toxins. Prevents and cures anemia, fatigue, stress. Great ally in times of exams. Contributes to the elimination of liquids. It reduces inflammation of the throat and calms the cough. It helps to have a restful sleep. It has laxative effects. Also used in cosmetics for skin treatments. Its high content of phenolic acids and enzymes protects the cells from free radicals, making it one of the best antioxidants.

The list of properties of liquid gold, which our bees collect for you, are innumerable. Therefore, we wanted to finish the work of these tireless workers, making you get your honey, directly from the honeycomb. So you can enjoy pure, unadulterated honey.

It is called Floralia Honey. Spain, for several reasons. After a while looking for the name with which we would offer our honey, we were clear that this denomination was the one with which we identified the most.

The first thing we liked about the name is that it makes a nod to the paternal family, from which the trade has been inherited. The family Alía.

In Spain, we can boast of having an exquisite honey, coveted by all. For this reason, in our denomination we have also wanted to make clear, without having to look at small print, that our honey is Spanish.

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